Monday, March 8, 2010

Hallwalls Exhibition

Completing an installation is always such a strange experience. The frantic weeks of art-making (I'll never have enough), the anticipation of installation (I definitely don't have enough), and the and the long days of judgement calls as to what to include and how it should be displayed always seem to culminate in something so simple upon reflection. Perhaps it is because, in its finished state, no one can see the 50 exhibitions that it could have been. The final exhibition looks obvious--like it was a linear process to a clear goal all along. I remember the first time that I realized this about novels--that each of the sentences could have been an infinite number of different sentences and that the author had to choose the right one. Even now when I read, I forget that there are more chapters that have been erased than chapters that remain.

These images are from a two-person exhibition that I just finished installing at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, NY.

In its finished state, the exhibition became a series of three mural-sized wall drawings, 18 small prints, and three watercolor paintings, all stemming from my recently completed visual book called, Preparing to Lose: A History Book for the Antihero. In its final revision, if you include the sketches that I made for the wall drawings, the exhibition contains about 50% of what could have gone in it.


  1. It was absolutely wonderful, Heather! The wall murals were fantastic!!! The drawings are great in the leather-bound sketch book, but they really came to life on the wall! Your characters DID win something...the freedom to roam outside of the book! Way cool!