Friday, October 9, 2009

Letters: THANK YOU!

As always, I want to thank those who helped, in every literal way, make "Letters to a New Generation" move from my head, to paper, to a room, to an interactive event, to documentation, to memories, to a blog:

Professor Kaushik Basu, Don Opatrny Chair of Economics, for conceiving of this idea and for seeing it through to completion
Karen Brummond, for all things related to organizing the residency and curating the group exhibition
Eric Humerez, for setting up the webcam and for providing consistent technological support
Amy Moesch, for her administrative role and pocket-stuffing expertise
The Cornell Council for the Arts, for funding this project

And to the following:

* Concrete Construction Crew: Allen and Nancy Topolski

* Chief Moral Supporter: Michael Frank
* Studio Assistants: Lauren Schleider, Faeeza Masood, Neha Jain, Jen Burger
* Long Distance Letter Courier: Melissa McCallum
* Painting Students Who Forgave Me When I Didn't Return Artist Statements in Time
* Other Painting Students Who Rightly Voted Against Allowing People to Read the Letters
* Organized Letter Writing Campaign Volunteers (including but not limited to): Marilyn and Roy Layton, Marian Lloyd, Dina Smock, Melissa McCallum, Lauren Buchsbaum, Anne Lloyd, and Rosemary Shojaie
* To all of those who collectively wrote over 500 letters to new generations
* And always to Brian Bailey, this time for listening to the sound of a sewing machine at 3am and pretending like everything is normal

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