Saturday, October 3, 2009

Letters: DAY TWO (about the space)

A steady stream of visitors are enthusiastically participating in the project. This has been easier than I thought it would be. While, at first, I was disappointed to see that elevators and double doors dominated two of the walls, I am now appreciative of the traffic. I also get to see the immediate, unedited reactions of students, staff, professors, and administrators the moment the doors open. One graduate student, upon entering the room, dropped his jaw immediately and said, "Oh my gosh! This space gets more beautiful every time I walk by!" Visitors have consistently made comments about how the addition of art could potentially change the dynamic of the department.

There is something truly fantastic about having an audience that is not expecting an artistic encounter. Gallery spaces are predictable; the people there have sought out the experience. Public spaces, however, initiate a whole different tone of dialogue. I have found the conversations to be refreshing--They remind me of the potential that art has to transform a society. Galleries, I fear, are often limited to imagining it.

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