Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Letters: DAY THREE (color and composition)

Even after sewing for two months straight to make over 500 pockets, we were concerned that there wouldn't be enough letters to make the installation function as planned. We are now concerned that too many of the pockets will be turned before the opening reception tonight (5-7pm, Uris Hall), as other visitors have asked if they can partipate. Last night, I received over 60 emails alone from states across the U.S. and from countries including Mexico, Canada, Germany, England, Poland, and Egypt.

The image above shows what the installation looks like when you walk in and look left. The image below shows the wall on the right.

Many people have helped with this project and I will name all of them at the end. For now, though, I would like to recognize my good friend Melissa McCallum for driving all the way from Rochester to Ithaca last night to drop off a bag of letters that her high school art students wrote.

I now have to get back in the car for my second-to-last drive. I will post again soon with images of the adjoining exhibition that Karen Brummond has curated. The exhibition represents 13 artists from across the country. More details about that exhibition, including a live webcam broadcast of the residency space, can be viewed here: http://www.arts.cornell.edu/econ/artgallery/index.html

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