Friday, October 9, 2009

Letters: DAY SIX (reflection)

My initial goal was to design an installation that would in some way be reverent of the space in which it was situated. While at first this seemed like a daunting task, it became immediately feasible as I scanned through the abstracts of faculty publications and realized that the Economics world and the Art world are not as far away as I had originally [and naively] thought. It was a thoroughly refreshing experience to hear themes commonly addressed in contemporary art-- globalism, race, class, gender, sustainability, and consumerism to name a few--approached from an Economist's vantage point. The best way that I can explain it is to say that there was suddenly new space to play in.

I leave this project with a strong desire to pursue site-specific art projects via means of unlikely collaborations. I am convinced that there is a tremendous amount of potential for economics research to inform art practice. I am curious as to whether art practice could also serve in the reverse.


"Technology is the reason 50% of the children born in the USA today may live to be 100 years old. Greed and the misuse of technology is the reason we are running low on the high energy fossil fuels this planet held for our use."

"Stay in school."

"If possible, marry your best friend."

"Try not to get pregnant by accident."

"I used to tell the delinquents: If you always do, what you always did...then you will always get what you always got. Today is a day to make a change."

"Teach about Muslim culture in school."

"I was in college when the Internet was invented."

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