Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pockets for the Teeth

Okay. So I tried a blog last year and I failed miserably. I posted three times and then spent more time thinking about how to revise those posts than I did posting anything else. After reading Rachael Hetzel's blog tonight, though, I decided to try again. So here it is, "Pockets for the Teeth".

I have rewritten that title in my last four sketchbooks, hoping that I would follow it with a body of work. That's how I start everything. I come up with the title and then wait to see if anything follows. Perhaps one day I'll find the perfect name and then have a kid.


  1. This is great! (Reading it again for the secong time). 2 thoughts (watch out for fallen debris). First, have the kid it later. Worked for my son and Chandler is a kick-ass name if I do say so myself! Sometimes ya just don't know what name fits until you see the little stinker. It also messes things up when they tell you you are having a girl so you pick out the perfect name and oops, it's a boy! Second, pick the perfect name and us it for something...anything! My next kid was going to be a girl..I was determined because Isabella is a rockin' name and I had to claim it. When we decided that we were not going to subject ourselves to anymore booger oozing energy sucking little people (they prefer to be called "little people" not trolls), I bought another dog and named her Isabella. There. Problem solved.

  2. Oops...sorry..should have proof-read and corrected all the misspellings before posting!